Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm back!

Long time no blog, huh? I was never really "gone," I just failed to write. My apologies. But in order to move on I'll quickly recap the last month and a half in pictures. Readyyyyy ...Go!

Played pool at Belltown Billiards for a friends surprise birthday party

Had a "bonfire" on our deck

Dinner at a friends house (Mark) - his house is on the water with an amaaazing view!

Got free Seafair/Blue Angel tickets (thanks to Michael and Aki!)

Had lots of yummy meals...

Went to a Seattle Sounders game (it was a tie in the end)

Won pub trivia at the Celtic Swell! (again)

Saw The Help movie - superb book and great movie

Quick camping trip (one night only) with 13 other friends ...near Baker Lake again
 Our camping site was a very spacious river-front area. LOVED it.

 Card games are a must when camping... this one is called "Hand and Foot" and takes 1.5 decks/person

Alki Beack 5K - not my best fact, it was slower than both the previous times I've done this 5K. Oy.

Sailing on the Sound - we bought a great deal earlier this summer from Tippr with Let's Go Sailing

Checked out Marilyn and Tom's (the in-laws) new super duper cute and playful guide dog puppy: Corona

Lots of work transforming our front entryway from a cement slab to a cute livable porch
                       *** No pics yet. I wanna wait to show the whole transformation all at once ***

Enjoying the fruits of our garden - lots of yummy salads, cucumbers, tomatoes for tacos, etc

Blackberry picking - they crowd our backyard so we try to take advantage of them

And that's about it. From here on out, I'll certainly try to post more regularly!