Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

This week was all about steak redemption.

Recall my foiled steak from last month? The pan fried steak still tasted ok, but I decided to redeem that and make some STELLAR steak.

We were set on steak and potatoes so David bought some filet mignon (we don't mess around) and potatoes for homemade hash browns. I did a simple seasoning job with kosher salt and tossed 'em on the grill - which has propane now! So I knew they were gonna cook this time. Of course I didn't get a picture of any of the process but I swear it happened. And for the hash browns I just grated up a potato, squeezed allll the water out of it, and tossed it in a hot pan with olive oil. fry fry fry. turn. fry fry fry =

It doesn't look too stellar but I promise it was. And it doesn't look too colorful either but David got home from work so late we snacked on strawberries so I didn't really feel like throwing anything else into the mix.

First, I was surprised with how good those boring potatoes tasted! Oh man, I am set on making homemade hash browns waaay more often now. And the steak was superb! David said it officially ranks in his top 5 steaks... then he proceeded to recount each of those other steaks. Good memories. What an honor.

Not very exciting, huh? But if you were the one eating it, you'd have been excited. After that we got things ready for David's "dinner date" with his gramma tomorrow evening. We try to have dinner with his gramma on a regular-ish basis but he's doing some training/classes right in her neck of the woods so he wanted to go solo and treat her to a homemade dinner after his class tomorrow. What a guy, huh?? On the menu is the other half of the steaks, rice-a-roni, a BOMB salad with homegrown lettuce/spinach/carrots, and the best apple crisp ever! Sounds perfect to me - wish I could go!

That's all for this Tasty Tuesday!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A camping weekend

This weekend has been rain-filled but lots of fun. It all started with David's birthday on Friday! We didn't do anything major, it mostly consisted of sleeping-in after the Harry Potter midnight showing (Awesome! Though I didn't capture any good photos!), homemade buttermilk Belgian Waffles for the birthday boy,

and packing for...

It wasn't organized around David's birthday (OR my birthday which is TODAY). It was planned waaay back in January-ish by some friends who didn't even know it would be a birthday weekend.

We camped with six other friends on Baker Lake (Panorama Point specifically) about 2 hours north of us. We went up Friday afternoon (taking a detour at an outlet mall where I made out pretty well!) and came back just this afternoon.

Such a beautiful lake
The views were stunning so long as it wasn't raining.

We enjoyed all kinds of great food. The kind of stuff you really only eat when camping...

like an orange-y cinnamon roll. You take an orange, cut off the top, scoop out the insides (jack-o-lantern style) and cram a ready made cinnamon roll in there (the kind from the pop-open canister things), and pour a teensy bit of milk in...
...wrap it in foil, and throw it on some campfire coals!

Wait PATIENTLY for it to cook, then tear it all open, plop some frosting on it and inhale it.

We also enjoyed marinated chicken, french toast, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and all sorts of things.
The rain almost always managed to come right after we were done cooking our meal over the fire - so it worked out pretty well. But I did get a picture of some die-hard campers (husband David, Tim, and Amie) as they were finishing cooking their dessert breadsticks with cinnamon/sugar whilst it was POURING...See all the rain in the upper right background??

And then there was the stick Amie found - it was such a great tender of fire all weekend long we had to christen it

And now we're home - ALMOST unpacked - looking forward to a good nights rest.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

PBF and HP7

Because everyone should have this frosting in their life (and because my mom asked for it!) here's a yummy recipe:

Peanut Butter Frosting
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup creamy peanut butter
5 T butter, room temp.
3/4 t vanilla
1/4 t kosher salt
1/3 cup heavy cream

Easy-peasy directions?
Beat together all the ingredients except the cream...
THEN, add the cream and beat until it's smoooooth and delicious.

This is going to be quick becaaaaaaaause:

We're on our way out the door (to stand in a really long line for hours and hours and hours until midnight) for HARRY POTTER 7.2!

Is my excitement being conveyed? Maybe. It's going to be EPIC.

Does anyone else have a hard time believing these kiddos...

Grew up to these guys...

I'm outta here! Maybe I'll post pics of some crazy people dressed as wizards and whatnot tomorrow... here's hoping.

P.S. blogging three days in a row? I amaze myself sometimes!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tasty Tuesday!

I realized last night that I hadn’t really come up with a solid dinner idea for tonight’s special so I kinda winged it… wung it, for past tense, if you will.

Inspired by our garden!!

This is that same spinach plant I showed you a couple weeks ago - soooo huge!!

I went out and finally plucked some leaves for a salad – spinach and romaine - to accompany a makeshift pizza. We didn’t have any of our usual toppings on hand (I’m a meat lover so I prefer pepperoni and sausage) so it was a sort of “herbed” pizza. If such a thing exists. I made pizza dough from a recipe I got from my sister’s junior high days (hey Emily!) which I have actually made a bazillion times. It’s suuuper easy and pretty tasty. Brushed some olive oil on that baby and tossed some spices on. I’m not good with spices so I just pulled random stuff from the cupboard – I ended up with some oregano, basil, parsley, and garlic salt. Too much garlic salt, but oh well. Oh, and some cheese of course! Romano and some mozzarella which was a bad idea because the mozzarella cooked way more than anything else did.

And just to make things interesting and nifty I turned half of that “pizza” into a dessert with a cinnamon and sugar mixture…

Which ended up being my favorite part!

Overall, a yummy meal.

I tried yanking a carrot up along with the lettuce and spinach but found that it is definitely too soon. Look how tiny it is!!

On a separate note... because I am a baker at heart, I made some truly tasty cupcakes on Sunday to bring in to work on Monday:

Chocolate cupcakes with a peanut buttery frosting! This may be my new favorite. That's enough about food for now. We just got back from Trivia night at the Celtic Swell on Alki and we took second place!! Whoo-hoo!

It's late though and I desperately need some sleep. Night night!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Stairway to heaven... or just to work

My weekend started earlier than usual today. I got the early shift at work today which means a crazy early morning but a lovely early departure: 6:30am-3pm! But I only managed to take advantage of it a little bit. I went for a lil run and realized I have a loooong way to go before I'm ready for that 5k. bleck.

In hindsight, it's been a slow and steady road but I've been trying bit by bit to make lifestyle changes for the better:
  • Eating a little bit better. Some old habits die hard though... Taco Del Mar for lunch? Yes please! I can't help it on "double punch Monday" - I reach a free meal twice as fast. How economical is that?? Very.
  • Running more consistently - though I'm still not very great at it
  • Throwing some hand weights around a teensy bit
  • And as of yesterday, adding some serious stairs into my life
I like taking the stairs when possible so long as that involves only a couple flights (usually not more than three), but working on the ninth floor downtown has finally given me the idea to utilize all those stairs. Well, maybe not all of them right now, but a few for now. I usually eat lunch on the third floor so I trekked up those six remaining flights yesterday and again today.

Uff-da. I sure felt it. But ultimately, it felt GOOD.


I figure a couple little changes here and there should add up nicely, right?

The rest of my evening will be dinner and a movie at home with the hubby - cheers!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Tasty Tuesday

My fourth of July was fantastic but I did a horrendous job of documenting it. Baah. I bring my camera with every intention of capturing all kinds of moments but I totally forget about it. So words will have to do for most of this one…

Independence day started with sleeping in until 8:30! That’s crazy considering I usually can’t sleep much past 7 even on the weekends. I snuck in a little run in the morning, some HP 7 reading (catching up before the movie in about a week and a half!) and researching some grilling recipes which turned out truly delicious! And in honor of Tasty Tuesday I tried some new recipes!

We marinated some chicken breasts in a tequila, lime juice, olive oil, honey, and garlic concoction for a few hourse. After grilling it, I cut it up and turned it into chicken tacos! Oh man, I would totally do that again – ‘twas good. We also marinated steak cubes (for kabobs) in olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and some garlic. Also delicious. Of course I didn’t get pictures of ANY finished products… but I promise it happened.

I remembered a “before” picture though– looks kinda gross huh?

Here are a few that I remembered to take from the BBQ

Lil' Bocci Ball tournament

Some reeeeally patriotic candles

The park we went to was just across the street from the water

And some sparklers of course!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer BBQ-ing!

Yesterday morning was a baking frenzy. And I mean that in a good way. David likes to golf on Saturdays (not every Saturday, but often) so I like to turn my Saturdays into a productive morning while he’s out gallivanting. I just have an itch to do things around the house. Nothing major – I did my toenails, some gardening, went for a run, a tiny bit of cleaning, and a ton of baking.

I made homemade ice cream for the first time and man, it was way more of a process than I had expected. Not really difficult, it just wasn't too quick. The night before I did my typical google search (“the best fill-in-the-blank recipe ever”) and researched it from there. Many high praises were sung for a David Lebovitz recipe and I can now fully echo those praises (I just followed it from this blog). After hours of waiting for ice cream it was totally worth it! Sooooo yummy!

And sooooo messy! These ingredients...

quickly turned into this…

...and this...

Notice the strategically place paper towel. I thought I planned in advance for any possible drippings but it got everywhere... yes, even on the floor.

And in the last minute of mixing I threw in some of these goodies!

The ice cream recipe called for 5 egg yolks… so after a double recipe I had 10 egg whites just sitting around. An entire bowl of egg whites! What to do? what to do?

Angel food cake!! I’ve never made it from scratch (total cinch!) but it is always sooo tasty I can just eat it all up plain. Doesn’t need any embellishment in my book.

A little mangled looking but it tasted just right

My Saturday can be told in two parts: baking and a BBQ. So on to the BBQ. Our friends Ryan and Lauren (fellow newlyweds as of April 9th!) hosted a pre-independence day BBQ...

...and cornhole tournament! We brought some burgers for ourselves, the aforementioned angel food cake, and a pitcher of mojitos! Best summer drink ever? Yes. Indeed, it is. After all the cornhole games and tournament-ing the husband and I arose victorious! Total champs… until next time.

And today? Today has been a laaaazy day. Church in the morning and… yup. That’s it. Haha. I managed to sneak in a THREE HOUR nap earlier. Glorious. Oh, and we finally purchased tickets to the HP7.2 midnight showing! Yes, I am one of those people. No, I don’t get dressed up but I loved the books and the movies are fun!

That’s all for my Sunday. Tomorrow will be spent BBQ-ing again (this time at a park). We’ll see what we whip up this time. TBD.