Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wanna cry your eyes out from laughter??

How have I never seen this video before??

I just discovered this video today (while stumbling - total addiction!) and David and I literally had tears streaming down our faces from laughing so hard!! I'm talking tears all the way down to my chin. 

It's that funny.

Check it out...

 Now tell me that's not funny! I'm afraid I've watched this video about 12 times already. I seriously can't get enough and felt compelled to share.

Aside from that we had a fantastic evening (dinner and pub trivia) but that wil have to wait for tomorrow because it is waaaaay past my bedtime.

Night night!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wheat Bread

I'm definitely calling my first attempt at homemade bread a success.

For the most part, I followed a recipe from Farmgirl Fare's blog but made a few minor changes/embellishments.

I followed her directions but this is specifically what I threw together:

(Not really knowing how it would turn out I scaled it down to make just one loaf)
5/6 cup all purpose flour
1 5/6 cup wheat flour
1/2 T instant yeast
2/3 T brown sugar
2/3 T olive oil
1 1/3 cup warm milk
2 cup bread flour
1/2 T salt
two squirts of honey - a very technical measurement, I know

It started out looking just meh... not too impressive.
This was at the start of rising and of course I forgot to get a picture after it had doubled.

 I rolled it out a little and tried to fold it like the Farmgirl but it didn't work as I thought it would...

 ...so I just kind of rolled it.

In to the oven it went for about 30 minutes and then VOILA!

 Fresh out of the oven - it smelled so good!

 And it tasted good too! Of course, my inaugural meal for my loaf was a GRILLED CHEESE!

So good!!

I'm certainly no expert with bread but I feel like I have a decent handle on it so I'm excited to try little tweaks here and there with this recipe.

And now, it's time to do push-ups! David and I have been following the One Hundred Push-ups Program and we're just finishing up the third week (I heard about it from this blogger). We got off by a couple days but it has seriously been crazy to see all the progress over the last couple weeks. Before you even start the program you're supposed to see how many push-ups you can do on your own (this determines which "path" you follow in the program). Make fun of me all you want, but I could only do TWO legit push-ups. But after two weeks, for my little progress test, I could do SEVENTEEN legit push-ups! Talk about progress!! 

I have yet to do any running in the past few months but doing these push-ups makes me feel like I'm not being tooootally lazy. So here I go!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Very Proud Moment Indeed

We went to Safeway the other day for some asparagus and salad mix and came out with a BUNCH of wine instead. 

It started out with scoping out the wine selection for a secret Santa gift exchange I’m doing at work. We didn’t actually purchase anything for said secret Santa BUT we got 6 bottles of wine for more than 50% off!

All these wines...

...originally would have cost about $102 (including tax) but we got them all for $44.08! Correct me if my calculations are off but that’s like 57% off! They have such great deals right now! One of these bottles (the third from the right) originally costs 20 bucks but they're selling it for $9 right now. Add on a 6-bottle discount and our $15-off-a-wine-purchase coupon and we're in business :)

This certainly isn’t all we’ve been up to the past week and a half. But that’s all I have for you for now. Tomorrow I’m gonna try my hand at some homemade bread. Assuming it’s not a catastrophe I’ll be reporting on my attempt tomorrow evening. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Insignificant, I know

But I just had to share...

I'm a receptionist in a doctor's office and part of my job is to check patients in when they arrive. My supervisor is wanting us to keep a running tally of how many patients check in a) early, b) at the time of their appointment, or c) LATE. I'll spare you the back story and jump to our super high-tech method for recording this data. I saw the tally this morning and just had to laugh. We've been doing this for a couple days and I just don't understand WHO would keep a running tally like this:

Well, I guess I know WHO: my co-workers, obviously. But still, isn't it common knowledge to make that cross-check for #5?? That's what makes counting them up a breeze! Oh well.

You can clearly tell when I was at this desk by the properly marked tallies. And perhaps you can see where some of our frustration might come from in the office - just look at that right column for yesterday! bah!

Late arrival = rude

Just a silly rant for today... that's all :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wine in Wenatchee

Back in September David and I took advantage of a deal we bought from Groupon a while back. 

The jist: 
For $189 you get a two-night stay and wine tastings at 12 wineries. 
Aaaand: a $25 dining credit to the Wenatchee Roaster & Ale House, chocolates upon arrival, daily breakfast for two, and a wine tote with two commemorative glasses.

The hotel seemed a bit understaffed for the weekend we were there which made for some slower service but I certainly won't complain about that. I guess they were hosting a huge convention AND a wedding ...and on top of that there were a ton of Grouponers (<-- new word) redeeming their deals. They were at max capacity and you could tell. BUT. It was still fun!

Here's the swag we got upon arrival...
Meh. Unfortunate fact about me: I don't like assorted/boxed chocolates
Not gonna lie, we threw away the wine glasses as soon as we got home but it was such a nice touch! We had such nice weather and the surroundings were quite nice. Wenatchee isn't an exciting city but it's cute in it's own little way.

We got to pick 12 wineries to hit up for tastings and my favorite part was that the list of wineries included a cider company! I'm not a beer drinker in the least but I love me some hard cider! The wineries were fun because most of them were small time. So the people who were pouring the tastings were actually the owners/growers! 12 is a lot of wineries to talk about so I'm only going to mention my three favorites...

We started at Malaga Springs Winery which was a good way to set the bar high. The guy who owns it/runs it was SO nice and it was cutely situated up in the hills.

After Malaga it was cider time at Snowdrift Cider Co! 'Twas delicious! It was such a small-time place - the owner and his wife showed us around and told us all about cider. We got to see all their operations and taste the differences between ciders all along the spectrum of dry to sweet. Very interesting.

And finally Martin-Scott Winery. I was seriously impressed by this place. I loved every wine they poured (which was a LOT) and it was so nice and luxuriously set up. We arrived, they poured us a glass and told us to go enjoy their grounds outside. So we sat out on their covered porch to take in the view and they brought some munchies over and more wine. And then MORE wine. They kept coming around with another pour. Everyone was so nice and relaxed there and I'm sure they've hosted a bunch of weddings there. It was so pretty:

So there ya have it. Washington has so many wineries and I suppose Wenatchee is a good place to go and explore. We also have a TON of wineries just over in Woodinville (about 20-30 min outside Seattle). I've been to about 5 or 6 over there and it's so nifty cause they're all so close together. I know I want to explore the Yakima valley wine area next, but that'll have to be for another time. So many choices!

One final story:
The day we left we got up early-ish and attempted a hike in the wilderness that is Wenatchee. Neither of us are hikers but it seemed like a fun activity to get outside and explore a bit. I did some research online before our trip and settled on a hike that would be scenic: we'd get to see two lakes. Perfect! We drove up to the trailhead... or what we thought was the trailhead. Parked. And started out. Online it was explained as a pretty simple hike but the hike we were experiencing was so grueling! It was entirely uphill. Nonstop. We went for about 30-35 min and we hadn't come upon a single lake. 10-15 minutes more. Still no lake. Bah! What the... We made a defeated trek back to the car (never seeing anyone else along the trail) and noticed there was another trailhead if you walk past the blocked driveway (right where we parked) and down the road a piece. The trailhead to the lakes I'm sure. Oh, woe is me. So while that hike was moderately fun (it was freezing and my nose was running like a faucet because of it) it was sort of a botched job. Maybe our next hike attempt will be better!

Uf-da. This post got really long.
...so I'll end it quick!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back at it again

It's been a while since I last blogged ...again. My bad. I'm feeling newly inspired though so I'm hoping it sticks with me this time. This inspiration mostly stems from talking to my friend Eryka who is a pretty legit blogger I discovered. Check her out!

I'll do a quick catch up and then in a few days I'll try to dedicate a post to a wine trip the husband and I took to Wenatchee about a month ago (that's a town in Eastern Washington for you out-of-staters). Not much craziness has been going on in my world. Fall is in full swing in Seattle so I decorated our table to play the part.

 That's a sweet meat squash, if you're curious. We don't have any other fall decorations (if this even counts) so our fall decor tour will conclude there.

In other news: I got a sewing machine!

I haven't really truly utilized it too much but I have big hopes to make some skirts and other girly things in the future. I made a reversible sewing machine cover (my first project)

...and some pillows for our couch 'cause you can never have enough pillows.

Cute right? I really liked the pattern.

In food news: I tried making crumpets and it only went so-so.

There's a place right near Pike's downtown - The Crumpet Shop - that has the best crumpets but I don't know that I could ever make something so tasty.

In more successful food news, I made a delicious cheesecake - twice! It was a vanilla bean cheesecake with fresh raspberries on top.

Seriously good stuff.

I also made a variation of pumpkin spice muffins for an early Thanksgiving event we had with my community group today. I followed the beloved Pioneer Woman's recipe but I didn't have any ginger so I used some pumpkin pie spice instead. And instead of pumpkin puree I used a homemade sweet meat squash puree (I was told it is easily substituted for pumpkin). The husband has a great-uncle in Oregon who has a big farm and on this farm he has some squash (e-i-e-i-o). So we acquired a bunch of pretty squashes - which I've used for both food and decorative purposes. How perfect! I thought the muffins were great but I think I may have ended up preferring them without the frosting.

I suppose that'll do it for now. I'll try to be back again before the end of the week - that seems like a realistic goal for me, right?