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The Newest New Year

I'm really not much of a fan of New Years Resolutions so I didn't set any. But I did set up a "Bucket List for 2013!!" Pretty similar? Yes. Yes it is. But also, completely different . Eh? And just for funsies, I made up a graphic to keep track of my progress I didn't want to go overboard and list a million things. I really wanted to keep it practical, achievable, and pretty specific.  I guess I do technically have one New Years Resolution (not that I'm calling it that): to simply document life as it happens more. That includes this blog, but I also like journaling on paper and I kind of like the idea of a scrapbook of sorts. My concept for documenting this next year spawned off a notebook I kept during our vacation. I'm the kind of person who likes to save ticket stubs and random paraphernalia from trips but then at home they just end up in a big scrapbox and it's all very disorganized and I never really look at them again. But my new n

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