Mission: Complete

Well. Vacation is over and we're both back at work :(

We flew back on New Years Eve and have slowly been adjusting to our new time zone ever since. I'll rewind a little so that I can a) relive a little vacation and b) complete the tale I started...

The Thursday after Christmas we left the beautiful Phi Phi Islands

 looks like a storms a-brewin' in the distance

We took the ferry to Phuket Town to stay a single night before our flights to blustery Beijing. Staying in Phuket Town was never on our radar but it ended up working out really well as a stopping point and we ended up loving it. It felt like such a legit town - so many locals, not many tourists or souvenir shops, and plenty of interesting markets...

We landed in Beijing and were totally blown away by how freezing it was. Literally. It was about 23* F (-5* C). Yikes!

Yes, all these layers were very very necessary.

Thankfully, we were only in the freezing cold for about two and a half days. We definitely want to go back when the weather is a bit more favorable, but we tried to take advantage of it while we were there. We made it out on a day tour to check out the Great Wall!

We wandered the city as much as we could manage while extremities quickly went numb. We saw Tiananmen Square, the outside of the Forbidden City, the Ming Tombs, and the Birds nest from the olympics. We returned to Seattle this past Monday and ended up kinda sorta experiencing TWO new years.

New Years number ONE was spent on the plane en route to Seattle before we hit the International Date Line ...while watching movie #2 on the plane.

New Years number TWO was spent totally passed out from being awake for 28 hours. We made it to 8pm Seattle time on New Years Eve and fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. I figure one out of two isn't bad.

Anyone out there with a fun vacation or weekend away on the horizon??


Eryka said…
It sounds like a great trip, Amy! I'm glad you had a blast! And we're glad to have you home. :-)
Anonymous said…
What a difference in the last few days of your trip! You look like you could have been in MN. You look soooo cold. Glad you were able to partake in so many things on your trip...but glad you're home safe and sound.

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