Show me the mug

After waiting patiently, we finally got our pottery back last night! Before I show you my latest creation, I thought it’d be fun to show some items from years past.

Our very first date was at Paint the Town way back in October 2008. I thought it was a spectacular date idea: quite original, and totally to David’s credit. That night, I whipped up this rather sorry looking goblet. 

 This thing never gets used… for obvious reasons.

The following year we went to Paint the Town as an engaged couple. I made this bowl which I thought turned out looking really fun. 

 Funny fact: purple and green ended up being our wedding colors.

As a newlywed in 2010, I made this plate. 

I tried using lace at the shop to make a pretty border (I seriously adore lace) but it didn’t quite turn out as I had envisioned.

In 2011, this hideous bowl was birthed. I have no words for the disorganized look of it. Oy.

But then this year, this MUG happened!

And I really love it.

A lot. I thought it turned out super cute. I wasted no time and used it immediately. The inaugural drink? Hot cider ...with some homemade pumpkin bread on the side. Mmm mmm.

David has had more consistent luck with his painting skills. Here’s a little sampling of his stuff:

That's all for pottery this year. Tonight should be a fun and interesting one… we’ll be playing Quelf with a few friends. If you’re familiar with this game you know what to expect – all things ridiculous and probably some embarrassment. It’s a game best enjoyed with a small group of friends you’re comfortable with and a certain amount of alcohol. 



Eryka said…
You're too hard on yourself! Your pieces are great! I do LOVE the mug. That looks like it could be sold in the Christmas collection at Target!

Qwelf was fun, btw! Can't wait to play again!

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