The Land of Thai


The past 2+ weeks have seriously felt like a whirlwind with being super busy at work, finishing Christmas shopping (except for a coulple things for David's side), and packing for VACATION.

Yeah! David and I are finally on vacation for 3+ weeks in glorious Thailand. We've been talking about this trip for years (literally, since before we got married) and have been legitimately planning this particular trip since about July. 

We left Seattle Saturday afternoon with a layover in Beijing (which may be my least favorite airport).

With a minor hiccup (involving a U-turn 1 hour into our second flight for a medical emergency) we finally landed in Thailand at 4am Thai time MONDAY morning... That's about 1pm SUNDAY Seattle time. 24 hours of travel time... But we made it! ...with little to no sleep.  

We immediately found respite in a hotel by the airport where we basically just slept for 5 hours and showered up. I always feel so gross after flying even 3-4 hours so this was like a shower emergency. We then made it into the heart of Bangkok and found our hotel even though no one else could really direct us there. It was quite the trek with our huge backpacks.   

This picture was taken at the Seattle airport but that's what we're carrying... Along with an additional carry-on backpack each. 

We haven't been here long but I would already totally recommend the place we're staying - The Korbua House. 

We planned a few nights here because we didn't want to fret about finding a place to stay after such a long day of travel. Korbua House has not disappointed. It was only about $35/night; the room is small but very comfortable and it is so dang cute in the lobby area. It's right on a river and next to lots of shops.

Lucky for us there was a HUGE street fair going on just 2 blocks from our hotel. 

David was seriously in heaven. There were so so so many food vendors selling meat on a stick,  pad thai, squid eggs, garlic bread, you name it. And it's all cooked right in front of you.  Very neat. And it's all so dang cheap! A lot of the food offerings were 10baht or 25 baht... It's about 30baht to a US dollar. Perfect!! 

We're just gearing up for another exciting day; I'm sure there will be plenty more to share later!


Anonymous said…
Wow! What a different world. So glad to see some pictures. Thanks for sharing your first few days. Look forward to more updates. Oh...bye the way...we have a foot of snow now!!

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