Snow in Seattle

I must say, the snow here was kind of well timed.

I made it in to work yesterday just fine (the clinic I work at pretty much never closes) and actually had a decent time there. They treated us to pizza (I love a free lunch!) and then gave me the option of leaving early 'cause it was so slow... umm, YES PLEASE! I was outta downtown around 2-ish and loooved it.

The streets downtown weren't too terrible...
I've heard this so frequently lately that it's starting to feel like an urban legend, but apparently the Seattle area only has FOUR snow plows to handle all the snow we're getting!

This is usually a bustling park downtown (across the street from Westlake) but it was so empty!

Today was my regular day off so I didn't have to worry about braving the weather. I was able to stay nice and cozy at home. I'll be back at work tomorrow though and then I'm off for a three-day weekend! I'm not doing anything exciting, I just felt like taking a Monday off is all. ha!

Hope you're staying warm out there!!


Anonymous said…
I think you have had more snow than we have, here in MN!! It's been a most unusual winter...but won't complain.

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