The title of this post is basically a shout-out to Jeopardy. I know... sometimes I'm too nerdy for my own sake.

Last weekend I completed my very first zippered skirt project and I just l.o.v.e it! I found some wool fabric on sale and thought it’d be perfect for a winter work look with some tights. Here it is all finished.

Not too shabby, right? It's hard to see the little pattern in the fabric but here's a close up...

I found a fun little book at the library - Flirt Skirts - and mostly followed their A-line skirt pattern/directions.

It’s inspired me to make more skirts so I went out and found some fun fabric today and plan to get sewing in the next few weeks. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Here’s that delicious soup in it’s finished form. It was just as good as the first time we had it.


David and I had a date night out last night. We grabbed happy hour at Il Bistro in Pike Place market, browsed the market a bit (scored some free cinnamon rolls since it was the end of the day for the bakery!), and went to Paint the Town for some creative enjoyment. We keep track of all the happy hours we hit up and even have a little "black book" with our ratings for each. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Il Bistro which I think is reflected in our rating of a 4 out of 5. They have super cheap glasses of wine and apps as cheap as $2.95. Nothing like a cheap date, huh?

We’ve gone to Paint the Town every year for our dating anniversary and I always look forward to it even though it can be very hit or miss with my painting skills. I didn’t get a picture of the mug I painted before it went into the kiln but I’ll show you how it turns out when we get it back next weekend. It was such a fun evening!

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my weekend!


Eryka said…
your skirt is ADORABLE! Well done, Amy.
Love Il Bistro. They have a ravioli in a mushroom cream sauce on happy hour that is to die for.

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