A New Tradition...

I realize it's Wednesday but I really wanted to post this yesterday (hence the name on the pic) but simply ran out of time... I want to start a little tradition so here goes.

I am a baker. Simple as that. I love making cookies, cupcakes, brownies, eclairs, you name it. I don't really cook and I don't consider myself to be very good at it but I really want to change this. If I make dinner it's something along the lines of mac and cheese, grilled cheese (yes, I l.o.v.e cheese) or some easy chicken recipe.

So. In an effort to change this pattern, I want to try one totally new or experimental meal each week... Can you guess what day I picked??
Tuesday!! ...simply to be alliterative :) I was p
retty excited about it so I made a picture and everything!

And my first meal to try? STEAK! I'm not a huge steak eater (though I do enjoy it) and I've certainly never cooked it so I figured I'd try it out!
It went moderately well. I set out to make steak along with green beans and a salad. I never eat green beans but I realize I should be less of a picky eater so I'm TRYING to eat some different foods. And I found a recipe that sounded interesting so why not, right? The steaks were simple enough: I seasoned them with salt and pepper and tossed them on the grill feeling pretty good about things.

I went out about 6-7 min later to check on them and the flame wasn't visible anymore. I thought "well that seems funny for a grill." I turned one over and it was totally raw! Well, there were a few grill marks on there which means the grill was functional for at least a minute or two. But it turns out it ran out of propane! geesh. So I resorted to pan frying them... the way the recipe said to anyway.
They turned out yummy and I would totally make steak again (now that I'm a pro and all). Oh, and the green beans were actually pretty good, too. Meaning: I totally ate them!

I just cooked them, tossed them in olive oil, some mint, lime juice, salt, and pepper. Easy and not too shaby tasting. Oh, and the salad is old hat, but it was still yummy!

Everything looks so tiny in this picture but I think it's just the plate that's huge. seeing the pictures now it all looks so simple but it felt like a decent accomplishment at the time :)

Now I'm off for a run ...then I'll research ideas for next weeks tasty tuesday recipe!


Anonymous said…
Very tasty looking meal...so colorful! I'm impressed! Mom
danielle said…
Amy! Thanks for the comment on my blog...I had NO idea you blogged!! I'm so glad I know now! :) Just got all caught up and I love your garden--I'm very impressed. Anyways...I'm excited to keep up with you on here now!

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