running with desserts

Am I the only one who mentally makes goals? I think not. I usually don't make much of them but right now I'm gonna put two of them on the page in the hopes that I can document any progress I make with these goals... they are:
  • I want to run a legit, organized 5k this year. I've done two 5k's in the past but I didn't actually run/jog the entire thing. So in my book? It doesn't count. Ultimately I would like to run a 10k. But 6.21 miles?? That will be quite a challenge for me. The farthest I've ever run at once is 3.5 miles (which was not during the officially organized 5k. ugh.) and until a couple years ago, running was my enemy. I hated it and wanted nothing to do with it. So a 5k seems like the perfect goal right now.
  • And secondly, I want to make homemade ravioli. Completely different topic, I know. Not just any ravioli... some YUMMY ravioli. I'm thinking spinach and cheese but if meat makes its way into the mix then so be it. Cause I like meat.
No progress is really being made on the ravioli front, which is odd because I think it would be so much easier than all the running, but today I finally got outside for a run (first outside run this year!). The weather is finally summery in Seattle so I hit the streets of D-ridge this evening but quickly realized I need to plan ahead better. I guzzled some water before I ran but about 20 seconds into my run my aching tummy reminded me I didn't have any dinner. Why did I substitute dinner with some random desserts??
Allow me to explain. I
love baking. I get on random baking kicks and tonight's kick was different because I just wanted a single fresh-baked cookie. So I googled "single serving recipes" (sidenote: you will never hear about me "bing-ing" anything. As far as I'm concerned, that site is inferior and quite frankly I don't think it is deserving of verb status) and came up with two things I wanted to try... and yes, one of them was a cookie. I made a double recipe of a chocolate chip cookie (double because David wanted his own once he caught wind of my plan) and a single brownie (which David didn't even know about 'cause I'm sneaky like that). Neither were that impressive, though I liked the brownie more and would consider making it again.
Long story short: two lil desserts does not make for adequate running grub. Next time I'll be smarter.
Or maybe I'll carbo load on some of that fresh-made ravioli... yeah??


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