Insignificant, I know

But I just had to share...

I'm a receptionist in a doctor's office and part of my job is to check patients in when they arrive. My supervisor is wanting us to keep a running tally of how many patients check in a) early, b) at the time of their appointment, or c) LATE. I'll spare you the back story and jump to our super high-tech method for recording this data. I saw the tally this morning and just had to laugh. We've been doing this for a couple days and I just don't understand WHO would keep a running tally like this:

Well, I guess I know WHO: my co-workers, obviously. But still, isn't it common knowledge to make that cross-check for #5?? That's what makes counting them up a breeze! Oh well.

You can clearly tell when I was at this desk by the properly marked tallies. And perhaps you can see where some of our frustration might come from in the office - just look at that right column for yesterday! bah!

Late arrival = rude

Just a silly rant for today... that's all :)


Anonymous said…
The good news is-looks like alot of patients come early. If I'm reading the marks correctly!
Eryka said…
HA! This cracks me up!! Holy moly! Who does that? I think we need to upgrade your job. Pronto.

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