Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Very Proud Moment Indeed

We went to Safeway the other day for some asparagus and salad mix and came out with a BUNCH of wine instead. 

It started out with scoping out the wine selection for a secret Santa gift exchange I’m doing at work. We didn’t actually purchase anything for said secret Santa BUT we got 6 bottles of wine for more than 50% off!

All these wines...

...originally would have cost about $102 (including tax) but we got them all for $44.08! Correct me if my calculations are off but that’s like 57% off! They have such great deals right now! One of these bottles (the third from the right) originally costs 20 bucks but they're selling it for $9 right now. Add on a 6-bottle discount and our $15-off-a-wine-purchase coupon and we're in business :)

This certainly isn’t all we’ve been up to the past week and a half. But that’s all I have for you for now. Tomorrow I’m gonna try my hand at some homemade bread. Assuming it’s not a catastrophe I’ll be reporting on my attempt tomorrow evening. Wish me luck!

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Eryka said...

WHAAAAAT? soo cool! The guy in the wine department was hounding us about this coupon when we went looking for a beer about a week ago. I thought he was just being pesky. I shoulda listened.