Tasty Tuesday again

Late again, huh? When will I learn? I even cooked this on Monday but am just now getting around to posting it. And how awful is it that it’s been a week since my last post? Bad blogger. I’ll get better at this. I actually ended up feeling quite sickly this past weekend and had to miss out on a much anticipated white water rafting trip so I’ve been a little out of sorts. I’m starting to feel on the mend (just a cough and some congestion remaining) and like I can tackle some typical things: like a busy work week and some good home cooking/baking.

This week’s Tasty Tuesday menu: Cheesy stuffed shells with yummy meaty sauce and baked carrots

It’s nothing ground-breaking in the “trying new foods” category for me but I’ve never made any kind of stuffed pasta so it seemed fun.

The carrots cook for longer so I got those ready and in the oven first. It was almost a joke how easy they were. Drizzle with some olive oil and throw some thyme on it. Yup. That's it. It was fun to use fresh thyme though cause I don’t think I’ve ever used fresh herbs before… unless fresh mint for mojito’s counts.

It's not really "Amy's cooking" without a leeetle bit of burnt-ness :)

And here are all my ingredients for the pasta - ready to be constructed…

This goes into the oven with the carrots...

And then bam! It’s a meal!

Total hit: the husband loved the whole thing, especially the meaty wine sauce.

In other news. I am totally floored by how much growth my little spinach plant has made since just about 10 days ago! Compare for yourselves...


At least I think it’s spinach. I’ve never grown anything before so it all looks like little green leafy stuff and I seem to have lost my cute little map that I neatly drew out for my garden beds. I’ll just find out once I eat it soon enough.

And finally, the 5k team is official! I signed up this past Sunday and our team name is: "For the Dairy Pillows." hahaha. Should be fun... now all I need is to prep for it!


Anonymous said…
looks like another great meal. Sorry to hear you were under the weather. How do you chose your menu ideas? Who cooks the rest of the nights!! (ha, ha) Mom

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