Stairway to heaven... or just to work

My weekend started earlier than usual today. I got the early shift at work today which means a crazy early morning but a lovely early departure: 6:30am-3pm! But I only managed to take advantage of it a little bit. I went for a lil run and realized I have a loooong way to go before I'm ready for that 5k. bleck.

In hindsight, it's been a slow and steady road but I've been trying bit by bit to make lifestyle changes for the better:
  • Eating a little bit better. Some old habits die hard though... Taco Del Mar for lunch? Yes please! I can't help it on "double punch Monday" - I reach a free meal twice as fast. How economical is that?? Very.
  • Running more consistently - though I'm still not very great at it
  • Throwing some hand weights around a teensy bit
  • And as of yesterday, adding some serious stairs into my life
I like taking the stairs when possible so long as that involves only a couple flights (usually not more than three), but working on the ninth floor downtown has finally given me the idea to utilize all those stairs. Well, maybe not all of them right now, but a few for now. I usually eat lunch on the third floor so I trekked up those six remaining flights yesterday and again today.

Uff-da. I sure felt it. But ultimately, it felt GOOD.


I figure a couple little changes here and there should add up nicely, right?

The rest of my evening will be dinner and a movie at home with the hubby - cheers!


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