Tasty Tuesday

My fourth of July was fantastic but I did a horrendous job of documenting it. Baah. I bring my camera with every intention of capturing all kinds of moments but I totally forget about it. So words will have to do for most of this one…

Independence day started with sleeping in until 8:30! That’s crazy considering I usually can’t sleep much past 7 even on the weekends. I snuck in a little run in the morning, some HP 7 reading (catching up before the movie in about a week and a half!) and researching some grilling recipes which turned out truly delicious! And in honor of Tasty Tuesday I tried some new recipes!

We marinated some chicken breasts in a tequila, lime juice, olive oil, honey, and garlic concoction for a few hourse. After grilling it, I cut it up and turned it into chicken tacos! Oh man, I would totally do that again – ‘twas good. We also marinated steak cubes (for kabobs) in olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and some garlic. Also delicious. Of course I didn’t get pictures of ANY finished products… but I promise it happened.

I remembered a “before” picture though– looks kinda gross huh?

Here are a few that I remembered to take from the BBQ

Lil' Bocci Ball tournament

Some reeeeally patriotic candles

The park we went to was just across the street from the water

And some sparklers of course!!


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